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Is Your Cisco 675 / 678 Router
a Paperweight or a $25 Treasure?

Cisco CBOS 2.4.8 and CBOS 2.4.9 available for immediate download

Download CBOS Now

Dial Evolution, Inc. (DEINC) offers firmware support and upgrades for the Cisco 675 and 678 ADSL Routers - Modems. Our service does not include hardware repairs and we do not fix electronics. This page is intended for Qwest DSL Customer's, yet all visitors are welcome.

If your Cisco router is having problems booting or if you've forgotten the EXEC or ENABLE passwords, we can help you recover the unit. Our support also includes the firmware upgrade to the current CBOS 2.4.9 release, and we can also program your Cisco router with the proper CBOS configurations and hacker deterrents.

If your Cisco router/modem has a constant "red light", coming from the inside and visible through the shell, it cannot be repaired and it has been classified a paper weight by the Cisco consortium. This is not the red Alarm light on the front panel.

We can help reprogram the CBOS configuration on your Cisco router for either CAP or DMT DSL service. If your DSL service was established prior to mid 2001, you're probably on CAP. More recent Qwest DSL connections are DMT. You should ask Qwest this information for yourself to avoid subsequent programming.

During FLASH upgrades we incorporate the latest deterrents against 675/678 targeted Internet bugs like Code Red and Nimda. This is accomplished by using the latest firmware version and by setting many of the router's unused services to a disabled status. We normally DISABLE the TFTP, TELNET, WEB interfaces that were originally provided to remotely manage the router's firmware (nice deterrent). We do enable internal networking services like the NAT and DHCP servers, which facilitate multiple computer connections and a firewall-type security (nice protection). You can choose to keep your ISP login private from us or we will finalize the plug-in programming on your router.

We recommend that you send us your modem so we can do the firmware upgrades or recoveries ourselves. We also understand that you can't live with the downtime and you'd rather fix the damned thing yourself. Therefore, we offer a 3-tier support forum for the Cisco 675 and Cisco 678 routers.

Tier I - Mail-in support with a 2-day turnaround
Tier II - Prearranged Telephone support
Tier III - Online references to fix it yourself (coming soon)

Tier I - Mail your router to us

Email your intentions: Name, router, service expected, problems, etc.
Mail to: Dial Evolution, please contact us for the appropriate mailing address.
2-day return policy: 2-day service with USPS priority mail return.
Tier I support includes a printed copy of your CBOS instructions and a CD rom with the current firmware.

Tier II - Prearranged telephone support

Prearranged telephone consultation to do this upgrade and recovery ASAP.
Arrange a 30 minute consultation to walk you through the upgrade or recovery.

Software and Internet Prerequisites, Normal Office Hours

  • You must have a working Windows OS, Windows Hyper-terminal program or equivalent, a working COM port and the Management cable installed. (See Qwest website)
  • You must have current Internet access or have previously downloaded current CBOS firmware.
  • Normal Office Hours implies calls between 9am-9pm MST, unless arranged otherwise.

Tier III - Do it yourself, web help.

- No warranty implied
Meanwhile, here's a few good links that may help your CBOS programming:


  1. CBOS upgrades should not be performed by the inexperienced. Firmware upgrades aren't that technical with good Internet research, but there are hordes of stories by people who claim they toasted or made a paper weight out of their router while upgrading the CBOS firmware.

  2. If your router is using dedicated IPs or VPNs please contact us personally to arrange support. Additional fees may apply.

Payments are required for all successful upgrades. If we cannot fix your router, no payment is expected, however return shipping may apply. We accept Paypal, cash, money orders and personal checks.

Successful mail-in upgrades cost $15 plus return shipping (S/H est. $5, Total not to exceed $25).
Telephone support upgrades cost $25 per ½ hour (We can do upgrades in minutes, but your expertise may affect support times).

If you have problems understanding any of the terms involved with our Cisco support, please contact us directly.



Cisco 678 DMT firmware

We offer no warranties for the personal use of this firmware, but we do guarantee the firmware is the official Cisco 2.4.9 DMT_FULL release.

NVRAM image

If you have never upgraded CBOS firmware we recommend reviewing the Qwest instructions on using Hyperterminal for this process.

Version 2.4.9

Latest Version

991 kb
Free File Download

Cisco 678 DMT firmware

NVRAM image

Version 2.4.8

991 kb
Free File Download

Cisco 675 CAP firmware


Version 2.4.8

980 kb
Free File Download

We do not have Cisco 678 CAP firmware. If you have a 678 and want CAP firmware, just use a $5 Cisco 675 with CAP and save your 678 until later, you'll likely need the DMT service in the future.


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