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Voice and Fax Products

Turnkey Windows-based Applications:

Voice Mail - attendant, last-name directory, call-screening, professional speech prompts.

Fax Broadcaster - multiple fax jobs simultaneously, schedule future jobs, network ready.

Fax-on-Demand - product literature & pricing, forms & applications, support tips, etc.

Small business, DOS Applications:

Voice Mail - Single line, mail, attendant, forwarding.

Dialer - Goldmine telemarketing program for Bigmouth. Dials incremental or database numbers.

Custom voice & fax processing:

AutoCard - credit card processing for order fulfillment.

Data Access - cross-referencing database, provides account information, inventory, etc.

Telebroadcasting - outbound dialing over multiple phone lines.

Other telephone equipment & services:

Dialogic D41/d - 4-line voice board.

GammaLink - fax boards.

Internet Services - web pages, hosting, domains, etc.


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