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DEINC Corporate Overview - (S2)

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Cisco 678 Owners:
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CBOS 2.4.8 or CBOS 2.4.9
Cisco Router Firmware
Dial Evolution, Inc. (DEINC) specializes in small office networking and communication solutions for customers based across the United States. Our computer and networking services include consultation, installations, repairs, protection measures and data recovery.

We also offer complete web solutions including domain registration, web site hosting, site development, site management, e-commerce tools and more. Our on-site services include wireless (Wi-Fi) and traditional wiring solutions for Satellite and Cable TV connections, LAN computer connections and telephone connections.

DEINC voice-messaging, fax broadcasting, order-fulfillment, tele-collections and other TeleServices provide low-cost alternatives and remote management features available to you from any touch tone telephone. Apply DEINC TeleServices to your repetitive communications and watch the communication demands on your staff diminish.


DEINC has developed its Voice, Fax & Internet consulting services for businesses interested in streamlining their internal operations while simultaneously increasing their outside productivity. We have proven experience implementing state-of-the-art communications, customized networking solutions and Internet security tools. Our solutions provide you, your clients and your staff with traveling and confidential accessibility to promotions, correspondence, private data and other critical communications.

We prioritize a strong client-consultant relationship throughout all phases of our proprietary development and we deploy all of our projects with scheduled management reviews and optional maintenance follows. We continue to stay abreast of new developments and we preemptively advise our customers of security issues, software updates and other useful enhancements.


DEINC Web Services

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